"I would highly recommend Sue's Piano Studio. I am 29, and she is my first piano teacher. She was able to respond to my particular interest - learning classical piano, and pace the lessons in a way creating a personalized "curriculum" that worked great for me, the amount of time I could spend practicing and my speed of learning. She gave me great exercises and resources to practice on my own and along with the scales and the theory (the boring stuff some may say) I always had a beautiful piece to work on. Whenever I had problems or was stuck with something she was able to give me the right exercise or explain what needs to happen so that I can win that little battle and go forward to face the next one. I could see progress literally at the end of every lesson. And what was most important of all to me was that at the same time when I was still struggling with hitting the right keys, Sue was pointing my attention to the beauty and flow of the melody and the rhythm the piece or the scales. If I may use an analogy: a holistic approach to teaching piano. I was taking lessons for several months before I moved to New York to continue my studies. I can't wait to resume my lessons with her once I come back to LA because not only is she a great teacher but she is also a lovely person and musician who I am happy to have met."


"Sue Zhou is a gem! We first heard of Sue when she volunteered her time and expertise/talent to Beethoven Elementary School's Winter Program. My daughter began lessons with Sue Zhou when she was 8 years old! Sue truly exemplifies the patience, skill, and understanding of a dedicated and sophisticated expert pianist... Watching and listening to Sue play the piano is such a beautiful experience. I am so proud to hear my daughter play the piano and I have Sue to thank for it!!!!!!"


"After interviewing a few piano teachers in the area, I found Sue.   From the very beginning she helped awaken my dormant passion for music and, in turn, channel this passion into playing the piano with deep desire.  She also helped me develop a deep love for the classical genre, specially Bach.  With her help, I always felt motivated to do my best and get through my daily practices.  Sue helped me believe and achieve my dream of playing classical music as an adult.  I recommend Sue to anyone thinking of learning to play piano - she is organized, she knows what to teach you and how to teach it effectively!"  


"Great piano teacher! My son started piano lessons with Sue a year ago, he had 4 years of lessons before that. He has? made great progress under Sue, not only in technique but also in musicality. His understanding of music has improved a lot. Our only regret is that we should have come to Sue earlier!"

-Amy (parent of 8 year old Tyler)

"When I first met Sue I had never played a musical instrument or had any musical training at all.  I was 33 years old at the time.  Within a year I was reading music, learning music theory, and most importantly playing the piano!   I had my first recital about a year after taking my first lesson.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.  To go from having never touched a piano to playing a Beethoven sonatina in a room full of people was a big accomplishment for me especially because I started learning to play so late in life.  After my first lesson, I realized how much I didn't know about music and playing the piano.  After my second lesson, I realized that I knew even less than I thought I knew.  To say the least, I felt very far away from my goals, but Sue had a plan and she took the time to make the experience less daunting and much more fun and fulfilling than I thought it would be.  While she pushed me and encouraged me to work hard, she made the experience not just about sitting at the piano and making sounds come out, she taught me about the world of classical music and the people that have shaped it.  During our lessons she would take time out to talk to me about classical pianists, composers, and the different eras of classical music.  She made the lessons fun by not only talking about the music that was played or composed but also about the people and personalities behind the music.  Sue often sent me home with DVDs to watch or music to listen to so that I could continually expand my knowledge of the world of classical music.  Sue has an obvious passion for music and teaching, but what makes her great teacher is her incredible patience (she needed all of that patience with me!).  I highly recommend Sue for anyone who wants to take on the fun and challenging experience of learning how to play the piano."  


"Sue is a wonderful piano teacher! We admire her ability to teach the kids. Being  a grateful pianist, she has an extraordinary gift to teach her little students with kindness and patience. We really appreciate her passion in music and the way she teaches our son Bijan. He enjoys  his piano lessons with Sue and we are  very happy with how he has been progress with her for the last 3,5 years. We are so glad that we found her!"- parents of 8 year old"

-Natasha (parent of 7 year old Bijan)